Posted on March 19th, 2014 by hotblack in Friends

Ourspace Artist – Anya Brock

Acclaimed artist Anya Brock has been recognized around Australia and internationally for her eclectic and mesmerizing paintings. Her focus is not so much about the subject or even the end result, but the artistic process and her works are striking and distinctive.

Anya also has an accomplished fashion background, where her application of emotive & energetic colour combinations has translated to the various design areas. The multi-disciplinary nature of her work is one of the reasons we thought her creative touch would be perfect for our space!

We were privileged to have Anya in our office last week to paint a unique and colorful mural folding up our narrow staircase. Her incredible approach has completely transformed the entrance to our office and offers a perfect example of the value of collaboration between like-minded creatives to make a statement!

Check out her website here.


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