Posted on January 18th, 2013 by HBLACK in Friends, Hot Black Happenings

Our new name and identity by Chops for Tea

Hot Black is the new black!

First we needed a name and we went through a rigorous naming process with Gavin Krasner from Chops for Tea. The names we were presented with were wide ranging and really made us focus on how we wanted our new brand to be perceived. Initial directions we explored were space and change which eventually morphed into Hot Black. Black is so strong and emotive and the word hot gives it personality and energy, and a little bit of a disconnect — is black normally thought of as hot? Though it could mean so many things. Every morning we think it means coffee! We like the fact that with Hot Black we know anything is possible and we know that’s an important idea for our clients to believe too.

Then with Chops for Tea we went through the development of an identity. We wanted to be sharp, clean and with the idea of a simple building block — a starting point. And here now we have a fully functioning website Designed by Lizzie Geddes at Chops for Tea and created in WordPress by Green Graphics.


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