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Get to Know Kristy Ball – Architectural Division Lead!

As the Architectural Division Lead and Sydney studio manager, Kristy brings with her over 15 years of experience in multi-residential, retail and single dwelling architecture experience to the Hot Black team!
Kristy has a two-pronged approach to design.  
“I believe good architecture has the ability to feed the soul. It’s much like music and can take you on a journey that leaves a lasting impression. In every project I try to look for new ways of doing things that will pique interest and joy.
At the same time Architecture needs to be functional and have a logic to it.  If spaces aren’t well planned or don’t have good access to light it can really let the design down.”
She is passionate about design and also takes a keen interest in the business side of architecture.
“Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to work with some really talented people and had some very generous mentors.  What I’ve learned is that the greatest success comes from clear communication and mutual respect between clients and consultants.  When others can share in your vision and you can work harmoniously as a team towards a common goal, that is how the best projects come to fruition.
Harmony within the workplace is also such a critical aspect of good delivery. When you have a team that are there to support one another during times when there is a lot of pressure it makes all the difference. The well being and ongoing development of the team is of paramount importance – and it helps to be able to have a laugh.”
She is loves to travel, lives to eat, enjoys cooking, is a fan of horror films and puzzles and is always available for a game of scrabble.


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