Posted on December 17th, 2013 by hotblack in Hot Black Happenings

HOT BLACK At Home in 2014!

We have outgrown our little space above the café in South Melbourne. We love the area and for this reason, we will be moving nearby to Level 1, 270-272 Coventry Street, South Melbourne – a new take on the traditional design office.

While the terms ‘design studio’ or ‘office’ are often used to describe our industry workplaces, Hot Black believe in something greater; our internal culture is the foundation of our business, and we believe that your space is more important than ours. As such, we have been driven by the idea of ‘Hot Black at Home’, reflecting our personalized work ethic into our workspace.

Hot Black will be closed from December 20 2013, and reopening at our new location on January 13, 2014. We look forward to hosting our Hot Black Housewarming party in the New Year!

HOT BLACK Interior Design

Level 1, 270-272 Coventry Street

South Melbourne


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