About Us

About Us


Hot Black is an multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Melbourne’s CBD & Sydney’s CBD, Australia. The metamorphosis of an idea into a physical space is what excites us and close client collaboration keeps us invigorated. And of course every new project brings new opportunities. In short, we love what we do.

We have developed partnerships with like minded creatives representing a broad range of disciplines both within Australia and abroad. We ensure each project utilises a specific team to meet specific project needs. By developing intelligent strategies and design solutions we reflect our clients’ brand personalities and business objectives. We specialise in commercial interior design via Workspace, Buyspace, Eatspace, Blurredspace and Smallspace. We also do Homespace though this not a core offering.

We are a boutique firm. As such we have a hands on approach to the entire process — from the blue sky thinking and concept generation through to the technical drawings, the project management, furniture selection and signage. We feel that a small team offers a more personal and informed relationship. This translates as a flat structure where at any one time anyone in the studio will know the status of a job. There are no multi-level hierarchies and the resultant time lags at Hot Black.

Listen | Understand | Translate

We have worked on a variety of projects, and believe that understanding your style is ultimately our style. Our capabilities extend from corporate & commercial design to retail, hospitality and beyond. It is our role as designers to correctly interpret the vision you have for your space.


Design is an evolving process. We find the most successful outcomes happen when we involve clients as part of our own team. We make sure that understanding, clarity and fun are key elements at every stage. After all, how often do you get to design, change or influence your space. We are infinitely adaptable and tailor our service to suit the needs of the project and the client, collaborating with other professionals only of the highest calibre.


We often get asked can you help us build it? We love being involved from the genesis of an idea to seeing you through the door of your finished project. Though even if we’re just appointed for the design phase, we enjoy seeing our drawings come to life. We can help manage your costs, timing expectations and provide connections to our affiliates to ensure a smooth and integrated build.

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